Liver segments

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Segmental anatomy according to Couinaud.

fist showing liver segmental anatomy
Use your right fist to represent the liver segmental anatomy.

Para-sagittal Left Ultrasound image.

Sagittal Midline Ultrasound image. The Ligamentum venosum is highlighted in orange.

lhv:Left hepatic vein ivc: Inferior vena cava

Ultrasound image- Para-sagittal Midclavicular.

RPV: Right Portal Vein RHV: Right hepatic vein

Ultrasound image- Para-sagittal Right.

Ultrasound image- Porta hepatis is seen with an oblique angle 45degree rotation from the sagittal view to the transverse view.

Ultrasound image- Oblique left showing the ligamentum teres.

Ultrasound image- Transverse Plane showing the Ligamentum Venosum

Ultrasound image- Transverse Superior Left

lhv: left hepatic vein mhv: middle hepatic vein

Ultrasound image- Transverse Mid Right

rpv: right portal vein lpv: left portal vein

Ultrasound image- Transverse Superior Right